BlotGlyco - Glycan Purification Kits and Services

“BlotGlyco O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit” enables scientists to analyze O-linked glycans attaching to glycoproteins in biological samples, including biotherapeutic glycoproteins, in a simple, safe and streamlined operation. BlotGlyco O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit is a valuable tool to support customers involved in glycoprotein characterization in research and process development, monitoring and batch release, characterization of previously unattainable information on O-glycan structures.

The BlotGlyco -Glycan Purification and Labeling Kit contains the following items:

1. BlotGlyco beads and labeling reagent

2. Reaction tube

3. Cleanup column for eliminating excess reagent

4. Sample tube

5. Protocol and application notes

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