Ligand Adsorption for Affinity Chromatography

RelisorbTM media are based on highly crosslinked polymethacrylic matrix. These matrices are functionalized with various groups to allow for covalent or ionic bonding to occur. These resins are used to immobilize ligands for affinity chromatography. It is based on the specific adsorption of a molecule to a ligand or macromolecule. Many biological molecules can be purified on the basis of specific interaction between their chemical or biological structure and a suitable affinity ligand. Typical molecular pairs are antigens and antibodies, enzymes and coenzymes, and sugars with lectins. Affinity Chromatography media have ligands that are bonded via a spacer arm to the packing material. A specific biological molecule is then reversibly adsorbed to the immobilized ligand. The ReliSorbTM resins for Affinity Chromatography permit this action. RelisorbTM products are also available as prepacked columns for easy screening. Such columns are available under the name brand of RelichromTM.