ZEOsphere: Amorphous porous Silica Gel in spherical shape

ZEOsphere is used as industrial column packing material for the purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients such as peptides, small proteins, oligonucleotides and its precursors. ZEOsphere phases are preferably used in high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and other chromatographic based separation technologies.
ZEOsphere silica is produced at Zeochem’s ISO-9001 certified facility in Switzerland. Strict QC controls from raw material to finished product ensure high lot-to-lot reproducibility and tightly controlled specifications.
ZEOsphere silica is available in different pore sizes, particle sizes and bonding modifications such as C18, C8, C4, DIOL, CN, PHE and others to meet individual applications and economic requirements.
The ZEOsphere product range is subdivided into:
- ZEOsphere DRP - doped reversed phase stationary phases: see attached presentation

- ZEOsphere - conventional reversed phase stationary phases: See attached brochure