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RelisorbTM resins are based on a rigid, low swelling, hydrophilic polymethacrylate polymer characterized by a porous structure with an average pore radius of 40-50 nm.  These resins are used in the large scale separation of proteins, peptides, and polynucleotides as well as enzyme immobilization supports. These methacrylic matrices have excellent mechanical strength with wide range pH stability (1 to 14) and resistance to high temperatures (up to 60°C operating temperature). They enable an easy scale-up to industrial size applications.

Relisorb are manufactured by a redical suspension polymerization followed by functionalization of the products thus obtained.  During the polymerization, highly porous opaque beads are formed with a calibrated particle size range.

Porogenic agents are able to dissolve the monomers but precipitate the synthesized polymer.  The result is a sponge-like structure with free accessible inner space.