Styrenic Reverse Phase Resins

The CHP grade resins are based on highly crosslinked polystyrene matrix with no functionality. With varying the pore size, the surface area, and the bead size of these resins, the chromatographer can control the efficiency and the resolution in the separation of pharmaceuticals (e.g. heterocyclic compounds), steroids, small peptides and proteins, oligonucleotides, amphoteric molecules (e.g. sulfonamides, antibiotics, nucleic bases), basic drugs (e.g. anticonvulsants), simple amines (e.g. catecholamine), and antihistamines etc… These styrenic matrices have excellent mechanical strength with wide range pH stability (1 to 14) and resistance to high temperatures (up to 120 °C operating temperature).

CHP20 grades are the preparative size for HP20. CHP50 grades are the preparative size for HP21. CHP07 grades are the preparative size for SP207.  

CSP800 is used for enrichment traces of organic compounds in environmental water with high concentration ratio and high recovery, is recommended for sample preparation for mutagenicity study.  CHP85/P120 and CHP87/P120 with controlled micro-pore size, in particular, have a distinctive advantage not to adsorb high molecular weight proteins but to adsorb only low molecular weight organic compounds.

Note: a) Most of the above products are available in bead sizes > 200 µm for large industrial applications. Please check the Synthetic Adsorbent section. b) The above products are available in uniform bead sizes < 10 µm which are available in bulk or HPLC columns for small analytical applications. Please request our MCI GEL catalog of these analytical resins.

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