Synthetic Adsorbents for Industrial Chromatography

It is well known that smaller size resins are required to obtain higher purity and better recovery in chromatographic separation of pharmaceuticals. Mitsubishi Chemical offers several types of synthetic adsorbent grades in very useful particle size distribution for industrial scale chromatography.

HP20SS and SP20SS are directly polymerized, small particle size version of HP20. The wide pore polymer matrix provides excellent kinetics and capacity for small biomolecules of both preparative and process scale. They offer nice balance of pressure flow characteristics and true chromatographic fractionation and have also been successfully applied in simulated moving bed (SMB) applications for a variety of small biomolecules. They often compete with bonded silica supports for preparative and industrial applications.

SP2MGS is a small and uniform particle size version of methacrylate types Diaion HP2MG. It gives higher dynamic capacity than HP2MG and shows strong retention and unique selectivity in normal phase chromatography.

SP207SS is a small size version of modified aromatic type Sepabeads SP207. It is applied to reversed phase chromatography. The brominated polymeric matrix provides unique selectivity, full pH operating range and long operating life versus the conventional bonded silica packing materials used in preparative and industrial applications.