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Fractionation Resins for Industrial Applications

Chromatographic separation is widely industrialized in pharmaceuticals, fermentation, and food applications. Ion exchange resins of small particles with uniform particle size distribution are applied for these purposes. The smaller particles with the more uniform particle size distribution, the higher yields and purities can be obtained. These types of resins are suitable for industrial chromatography such as fructose/glucose separation…

Diaion UBK resin are prepared via monodispersed production technology, and offered with narrow particle size distributions in either sodium or calcium form. The high bead uniformity provides fractionation resins with excellent resolving power and mechanical stability. These products are often applied in simulated moving beds (SMB) equipment with 4 to 8 column design for separation of binary and ternary mixtures in both small and large scale industrial applications.


The UMA series are strong base anion exchange resins, gel type, based on styrene-DVB polymer matrix, manufactured with Mitsubishi Chemical most up-to-date technology. These resins are used in special application such as the biomass industry for salt retardation. Due to their high uniformity, the UMA series offer excellent fractionation and great osmotic stability.