ITOCHU Chemicals America Inc. - Seperation and Purification Group Products

Metal Chelating and Boron Selective Resins

Iminodiacetate Type: CR11 is based on a high porous styrenic matrix, and provides rapid kinetics, high operating capacity, low swell / shrink ratio, and excellent mechanical stability. CR11 captures metal ions by chelation with its iminodiacetate functionality. CR11 has a higher selectivity than strong and weak acid cation exchange resins for divalent ions, especially transitional metal elements such as copper, Iron, etc… CR11 can capture metal ions at much lower pH than strong and weak acid resins. As CR11 has higher selectivity for divalent metal ions than monovalents, it can be used for such selective separation.

Polyamine Type: CR20 is a special chelating resin with polyamine functionality. CR20 captures metal ions by chelation with its polyamine functionality with its high porous styrene-DVB matrix. CR20 has a high selectivity to heavy and transitional metal ions. It does not absorb alkali metal and alkali earth metal ions, and therefore, it can be used for heavy metal recovery from highly concentrated alkali earth solutions.

Amino phosphonic:  Relite JS020 has an amino phosphonic chemistry which imparts higher removal capacity in brine purification applications

Glucamine Type: CRB03 and CRB05 are special chelating resin with glucamine groups based on a high porous styrene-DVB matrix. It has high selectivity for borate ions. It is used for borate separation from various solutions, including brine and sea water.

For greater chromatrographic performance, the iminodiacetate, polyamine and glucamine chemistries are also available in a small particle size (120 micron)