ITOCHU Chemicals America Inc. - Seperation and Purification Group Products

Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resins

These are the resins of cross linked polystyrene matrix having sulfonic acid groups. There are SK-grade of gel type and PK-grade of porous type. The standard shipping form is sodium salt. In some cases, the hydrogen form is available for demineralization applications.

SK1B resin is our “flagship” premium grade, gel-type, strong acid cation resin. It has excellent properties for industrial applications and is recommended for industrial scale softening and demineralization applications. It has standard crosslinkage. In situations where the raw water contains oxidizing substances, the higher crosslinkage resins such as SK110 and SK112 are recommended to provide better performance and longer operating life. SK110 is also recommended for regenerable mixed bed applications. SK104 (4%) has low crosslinkage.

The PK resin grades are based on a porous styrene DVB polymer matrix. Their porous structure provides excellent durability against osmotic shock by swelling and shrinkage. PK216 is recommended for general water treatment. PK228 is recommended for condensate demineralization (L grade is recommended for best pressure flow performance). PK grades area also recommended for special applications such as deashing, decolorization…

Ion exchange resins with good uniformity in particle size increase their necessity to reduce the reagents costs and spent waste waters in manufacturing pure waters. They are also used in other fields because they have little amount of large particles easy to be broken by swelling and shrinkage. Gel type UBK ion exchange resins of uniform particle size are now launched to meet such necessity. UBK16 has high (16%) crosslinkage. It is used for special process applications such as purification of pharmaceuticals.